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Interface Adjustment

adjustments to statistical/duty/VAT value




amountOfMoney?: Money
bbox?: Bbox

Bounding box of extracted value

confidence?: number

Confidence supplied by data extraction or 1.0 if entered by human

display?: boolean
errors?: ErrorModel[]

could be validation errors

input?: string

The input value which was initially supplied for the property

lastChangedBy?: String

Encoded user (username, userId, etc.)

modifiedAt?: number

Last modification date (user or machine), as a UTC unix timestamp

modifiedBy?: { displayName?: string; id?: string }

Field last changed by

Type declaration

  • Optional displayName?: string
  • Optional id?: string
options?: any[]
reason?: any
required?: boolean
reviewNeeded?: boolean
searchValue?: string

Normalized searchValue, for any related queries. Needs to be a string, even if value is of a different type.

source?: String
type?: "Addition_Insurance" | "Addition_Transport" | "Addition_Further" | "Deduction_Insurance" | "Deduction_Transport" | "Deduction_Further"
userEdited?: boolean

Mark this property as user-edited (as opposed to machine-generated)

value?: any

The current value of the property

valueType?: "VAT" | "Duty" | "Statistical"

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