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Interface CaseModel

Model used for any kind of customs case.


  • CaseModel



accomplishedAt?: Date

Aggregated case data

automatic?: boolean
contextId?: string
createdAt?: Date
customerId?: string
documents?: DigicustDocumentModel[]

Customs documents (e.g. invoices, waybills, ...) Each item could only exist in condensed form

environment?: Environment
errors?: ErrorModel[]

Case level errors (property level errors are stored in property)

executionStrategy?: ExecutionStrategy

Information on how the case needs to be processed

flags?: {}

custom flags

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string
id?: string
isProcessWithDextor?: boolean
isPseudonymized?: boolean
modifiedBy?: { date?: Date; displayName?: string; id?: string }

Type declaration

  • Optional date?: Date
  • Optional displayName?: string
  • Optional id?: string
module?: ModuleType
moduleCategory?: ModuleCategory
moduleId?: string
mrnNumber?: Meta<string>
procedureMode?: ProcedureMode

Case Type

processedAt?: string
processing?: ProcessingModel
projectId?: string
reference?: string
sentAt?: Date
status?: Meta<CaseStatus>
testingData?: any
uploadedFiles?: UploadedFileModel[]

Original, uploaded files

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