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Interface MaterialModel


  • MaterialModel



CAS?: Workflow<string>
buyerArticleNumber?: Workflow<string>
buyerOrderNumber?: Workflow<string>
code?: Workflow<string>
countryOfOriginHistory?: ItemCountryOfOrigin[]
creationType?: MasterDataCreationType
customProperties?: {}

Key/Value pairs for custom properties

Type declaration

  • [key: string]: string
customerId?: string
customsLaw?: { customsTariffNumber?: CustomsTariffNumber & Workflow<any>; preferences?: Workflow<TradePreference>[]; procedure?: Workflow<string>; typeOfBusiness?: Workflow<TypeOfBusinessType> }

Type declaration

description?: Workflow<string>
dimensions?: Dimensions & Workflow<any>
documentDescription?: Workflow<string>
documentTypeCodes?: (DocumentCode & { procedure?: ProcedureMode | "any"; reference?: string } & Workflow<DigicustDocumentType>)[]
grossWeight?: Weight & Workflow<number>
hasAnyUserEditedProperties?: boolean

Redundant meta property needed for search scoring

id?: string
itemPrice?: Money & Workflow<number>
materialNumber?: Workflow<string>
meta?: { userCreated?: boolean; userEdited?: boolean; version?: number }

Type declaration

  • Optional userCreated?: boolean
  • Optional userEdited?: boolean
  • Optional version?: number
meursing?: Meursing[]
netWeight?: Weight & Workflow<number>
priceHistory?: ItemPrice[]
projectId?: string
recipients?: { id: string; name: string }[]

Different materialNumbers might be applied for different recipients. The recipientId refers to a stakeholder.

shipper?: string

Stakeholder reference, owning shipper entity. Each materialNumber can only be uniquely matched to the same shipper there might be more than one materialNumber for different recipients!

shipperId?: string
unitOfMeasurement?: Workflow<UOM>
units?: Workflow<{ number?: number; type?: string }>[]

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