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Interface StakeholderModel


  • StakeholderModel



EORI?: Workflow<string>
VAT?: Workflow<string>
address?: AddressModel & Workflow<any>
clientIdentifier?: Workflow<string>
contactPerson?: PersonModel & Workflow<any>
correctConsignee?: StakeholderModel

correct goods recipient/consignee, filled with name and stakeholder id

correctRecipient?: StakeholderModel

correct invoice recipient, filled with name and stakeholder id

creationType?: MasterDataCreationType
customerId?: string
customsOffices?: (CustomsOffice & Workflow<any>)[]
customsTariffNumberNormalizationSettings?: CustomsTariffNumberNormalizationSettings
defermentAccounts?: (DefermentAccount & Workflow<any>)[]
directRepresentative?: StakeholderModel

direct representative filled with name and stakeholder id

email?: Workflow<string>
externalIdentifier?: Workflow<string>
id?: string
indirectRepresentative?: StakeholderModel

indirect representative filled with name and stakeholder id

inputTaxDeduction?: Workflow<boolean>
meta?: { userCreated?: boolean; userEdited?: boolean; version?: number }

Type declaration

  • Optional userCreated?: boolean
  • Optional userEdited?: boolean
  • Optional version?: number
name?: Workflow<string>
permitNumbers?: PermitNumber[]
phoneNr?: Workflow<string>
projectId?: string
roles?: StakeholderRole[]
subcontractor?: StakeholderModel

subcontractor filled with name and stakeholder id

submissionDeadlineInterval?: number

Gestellungsfrist (in hours)

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